Release Day! Serpent Priestess of the Annunaki – Katrina Sisowath

I am delighted to share the news of yet another fabulous 5 Prince Publishing Author and her new release! If you like fantasy novels then you should check this out!


Available from 5 Prince
Genre: Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends &
Mythology, Fantasy, Historical
Release Date: June 19, 2014
Digital ISBN-10: 1631120522 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-052-7
Print ISBN-10: 1631120530 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-053-4


About Katrina Sisowath
Katrina Sisowath, née Little, (1979–) was born in Frankfurt,
Germany to an English father and American mother. Her formative years were
spent in South-East Asia before returning to England to finish her studies.
Deciding to follow in her father’s footsteps, she enrolled in a University in
China hoping to become a Mandarin-English translator. Visiting her father in
1999 who was living in Cambodia resulted in her meeting her future husband,
settling down and opening a preschool. The couple has since chosen to return to
England for their daughters’ education.

On a personal level, Katrina is an avid book reader and loves mythology,
history (preferably together), ancient civilizations and anything to do with
occult ideologies and practices. Mages, Serpent Priestesses and the ‘real’
Gods, aka the ANNUNAKI (the prototypes for those we know today in the form of
Greek, Roman, Indian and even the Biblical characters) are all addressed on her
website  Included are descriptions of Dragons,
reptilian lords, consciousness altering drinks and powders along with what the
scarlet clad priestesses really got up to in their sacred chamber.

How to reach Katrina Sisowath
Twitter: @ksDragonCourt
Facebook: The Annunaki and the Dragon Court
Excerpt of Serpent Priestess of the Annunaki
The child sat staring at the setting sun, a slight frown marring
the otherwise placid expression on her face. To a casual observer she would
appear to be contemplating the mysteries of the universe, but to her
long-suffering nurse she was merely demonstrating yet again the obstinance for
which she was now legendary amongst the confederation of governesses and
tutors, this one being the third in her short life.
Appealing to her parents brought no relief as they were firmly
of the opinion childhood was all too short for an Annunaki child and the
responsibilities and training began all too soon, so there was no harm in
letting her be a child for as long as possible. This was not the common belief
or practice amongst the elite of Nibiru, but her parents were as stubborn as
“Ninkha-nata you must come down from your perch and return home.
Your betrothed and his parents have returned from Planet Tiamut and your
presence is required at this evening’s festivities.”
“I have no wish to meet him, I don’t want to marry him and
I especially don’t want to move to that dreadful place. Whatever shall I do
there? I heard they have no cities, no parties and no festivals or
Her nurse smothered the urge to throw her riding crop at the
petulant child and calmly said, “You know you won’t be married to him for many
years yet, it is only to be presented to him and his family to see whether or
not you like the look of him. If not, you can always tell your parents to
cancel it. I should think House Samael to be fortunate to avoid you as a
daughter by marriage.”
Ninkha shrugged, smoothed her riding clothes and climbed down
from her favourite tree with as much dignity as a 15 year old with the last
vestiges of puppy fat could muster. She was of average height for a girl with
the promise of further growth to come.
She approached Stethos, her mount, and instantly her mood
changed. He was her birth-mate, hatched on the same day as her birth, and in
accordance with the traditions of the Annunaki, they were bonded at once with a
symbolic transfusion of blood through their umbilical cords. A male Annunaki
was bonded with a female dragon and a female Annunaki with a male. This was to
promote a symbiotic whole with male/earth/fire/dark and the opposite
female/sky/water/light fused into one being.
 Where dragons came from
or how the tradition started no one quite knew. Legends were many but as with
all things legendary time erases much. The most common belief was that an
ancient militant priest had been driven high into the mountains of Faliel on
the planet of Mas during the Great War. The enemy had routed the Annunaki
forces till they were scattered through the forests and mountains. The enemy
stopped pursuit at the base of the mountain range for fear of the dragons who
inhabited it as they were flesh-eaters. This priest, driven by desperation,
took his chances.
Whilst hiding in the uppermost reaches of the tree line for
forty days, he was compelled by hunger to look for food. He happened across an
unguarded dragon’s nest and thought to take an egg. But something unanticipated
happened: it hatched and the little chick, upon seeing him, immediately bonded
to him as though he was her mother. Try as he might, he could not rid himself
of her and neither could he bring himself to roast her. So they remained
together, each helping the other survive until the rescue ship arrived. By this
time attachment was so strong he brought her with him and she grew into a
formidable beast, accompanying him into battle.
 The other Annunaki
decided this was a most prodigious turn of events and an expedition was raised
to gather more dragons’ eggs. After much trial and error, the dragons came to
regard Nibiru as their home and were able to populate the planet, hence the
ability to pair each Annunaki with a dragon.
“Hello Stethos, who’s my boy? Did you miss me?” Ninkha
cooed as she pressed her face against her beloved bonded. Stethos raised his
head; sending a ripple of scales cascading from the top of his head to his
feet. He was ruby-red with blue and greed jewel toned shimmers on his
under-belly. She thought him the most beautiful dragon there ever was. He
snorted with delight, flickering his tongue, eagerly awaiting the treat he knew
she had for him. She went to her saddle bag and pulled out the leg of lamb she
had pilfered from cook earlier that day. Stethos whinnied and sent out a stream
of fire in anticipation of his favourite treat.
“Catch” Ninkha cried. Stethos jumped, clasping the leg
in his strong jaws, swallowing it whole
Nurse Gaia mounted her bonded, Pecharus, and said in the
sternest voice she dared, “Ninkha-Nata, you must come NOW!! Your ladies
wait to bathe and dress you. We must not keep Lord Anu waiting. He is not as
patient as your parents”
Ninkha sighed, mounted her steed and whispered affectionately
into his ear, “Fly my lovely–let’s see if she can keep up.” Stethos
spread his powerful wings and together they flew into the setting sun.
Looking down over the city of Aden she couldn’t imagine ever
having to leave her beautiful home
There were two centres of learning and doctrine for the majority
of the Annunaki known as the Temple of the Fountain of Youth and the Temple of
the Tree of Life, though there were those who followed the destructive energies
as was their prerogative. These were known as Mulla Xul.
The Annunaki believed there must be a balance in nature for all
to thrive and with creation came destruction. Some leaned towards the light of
the sun or moon to create and heal, while others sought the secrets and
mysteries of that which was hidden. Many things that were needful to Nibiru
were discovered by the Mulla Xul and to eradicate them would be
self-destructive. A society cannot exist in the light by pretending they have
no need of the dark or that it is evil, they had need of those who discovered
the power of the sun to use in weapons, or the poisons of the herbs that only
bloomed in certain phases of the moon that also had healing properties when
combined with other herbs.. Only when an Annunaki was harmed or Nibiru
threatened was punishment meted out, to whoever had caused the harm–no matter
their proclivities.
The government buildings housing the departments of war, science
and discovery, health, and education were built in the first ring surrounding
the two temples. The High Families had their houses in the next ring which
formed the centre of the axle around which the city was formed. From the air
one could see both the ever-widening rings and the ‘spokes’ which were large avenues
that were laid in a direct line from the centre to the outermost ring. Each of
those ‘spokes’ divided the city into sections with each industry allotted one
section and a colour used for all the buildings in each division–seven in all.
This allowed for practicality as if one needed a new garment one just went to
the part of the city where clothes were made. In that section one found the raw
wool, silk and linen importers, cloth dyers, weavers, tailors and seamstresses.
The only time there was a tumult was during the yearly
tournaments which were held outside the city grounds. On those days there was
no work and people were free to mingle, eat and drink to their hearts content.
Ninkha looked forward to these festivities as did many of her
compatriots. The thrill of the best and boldest pitting their skills against
each other in a test of daring and bravado, each charging the other on their
dragon with swords known as Shuhadaku set aflame by the sacred fire. The
competitors would be clothed in white loincloth with golden sandals, armbands,
breastplate and helmet completing the look. A shield with the insignia of the
house of the competitor afforded some protection to him/herself and means of
identification to the spectators.
It was the dream of every Annunaki to compete in the tournament,
once they had passed their 3 trials and were accepted as full Annunaki and no
longer children. Exceptions were given to those who had been identified from an
early age as having a special gift and were to be trained as Priests,
Priestesses or Healers. These were considered sacred and the shedding of their
blood forbidden. Ninkha, having been identified as strong in the Healing arts
was automatically excluded from participation.
Ninkha wiped a tear from her eye as the two women rose ever
higher, their backs to the setting sun. She would not let anyone see her cry
but she could let nurse feel her displeasure. It would not do to greet her
future in-laws in her present mood, so she nudged Stethos and pulled his reins
up. He knew what she wanted; having felt her rage and sense of helplessness and
responded. Up and up they flew, ever higher reaching past the point Annunaki
were safe to fly until she could  see the
many stars twinkling in the black of eternal night. Looking down through the
clouds she beheld Aden bathed in the light of a receding sun, soft and golden.
She heard nurse ordering her to come down that instant, but the voice was
distant, as through a body of water. She held her breath for a moment: Stethos
dipped his nose towards the ground and down they flew, gathering speed, the
clouds, nurse, other dragons and vehicles a blur, the cupola of the Temple of
Youth coming up closer and closer until just before they impacted the crystal
dome Stethos pulled up and resumed flying in a ‘normal’ fashion, one nurse
would approve, perpendicular to the buildings rather than hurtling towards it
as some sort of missile. She had first played this game with friends at the age
of 5 jumping off treetops and she had never tired of it. As they grew older the
heights grew as well until she was the only one left, the others having
admitted defeat. She never once closed her eyes, as her friends did.
Enki and his brother Enlil were in the courtyard of their house
on Nibiru, having returned from Planet Tiamut the previous evening and spending
12 hours in the Chamber of Purification, necessary as the changes in
atmospheric pressure could have adverse effects without a re-balancing of
energy and breath intake. It was also feared Annunaki, animal or plant, could
bring disease or blight to Nibiru without proper checks by the Priests. As much
of a necessity as it was, the two brothers nevertheless found confinement
torturous and revelled in the freedom once the doors were opened.
The Annunaki’s airship was used to travel between planets and
solar systems. It was huge and rather unwieldy, thus making turns and landings
difficult but it could travel far at great speeds. It was divided into three
parts: the command centre was a golden sphere which housed the sleeping and
eating quarters of the Annunaki. Next was a long arrow-shaped object in which
the dragons and animals were housed and supplies were stored. Finally, there
was a finlike structure that propelled the airship forward using a fuel source that
had run low on Nibiru but was plentiful on Tiamut. This was used during takeoff
but once they entered a solar system the Annunaki had devised a method of
harnessing the Sun’s gravitational pull to slingshot through space, switching
to fuel to move on to the next system.
“Free at last” Enki shouted as he stumbled out, half
blinded, into the sun. His older brother, Enlil, paused at the doorway, taking
time to rearrange his robe and become accustomed to the light before venturing
into the open air. Both boys were tall, with the long limbs and defined
musculature that spoke of hours spent at practice in the martial arts and less
time spent at the desk studying with their tutors. Enki’s features were perhaps
a little more rugged, his forehead and nose slightly broader than Enlil’s, but
both had the same intense gaze from the same pair of dark eyes, the same manner
of lifting one eyebrow when they expressed disbelief and the same smile that
took women’s breath away when directed at them. A strong jaw and mop of black
curly hair completed their look, though Enki was prone to declaring he’d rather
“shave the whole lot off” when he tired of the heat of Planet Tiamut.
“Must you behave in such a manner, you embarrass
yourself”, Enlil muttered as he caught up to Enki, who was engaged in a
body roll with Rexar, one of their hunters.
“Come now Enlil, we’re home, it is time to reward ourselves
after all our effort.”
“And turn myself into a laughingstock like yourself?  NEVER! I’d rather spend 12 more hours in the
At that point the boys heard the familiar whinnies of their
bonded who had just been released from their Purification Chamber and rushed
over to comfort them. As torturous as it was for them, it was even more
terrifying to dragons, who would have to be subdued with chains else in their
terror they attack one another.
The bond between Annunaki and dragon was stronger than man and
wife, it lasted for life. Emotions and sensations were shared, especially pain,
hence the strictest punishment enforced on those who attacked or injured
another’s dragon, unless at a tournament or in war. An Annunaki and his/her
bonded dragon were as a team, but could also move and think as one. If one felt
his energy flagging during battle, the other channelled his/her energy into
their bonded, sustaining them.
The greatest wish was for every Annunaki was to die with one’s
dragon and for many that came true, whether in fighting or at peace. An
Annunaki’s worst fear was to outlive one’s dragon for a lengthy amount of time
as an Annunaki without one’s dragon was considered less than whole, crippled
and defenceless. A dragon without its bonded also did not fare well, and many
chose to follow its bonded into death at the funeral rites rather than retire
to the settlement outside Aden
“Hush Nahla, you’re safe. It’s all over”, Enki
soothed. Nahla shivered and shook herself as if to relieve herself from the
nightmare she had just woken from. “Shall we go for a ride? Take a look at
the tournament ground?”
Enlil smiled and petting Mardoh said, “Why not? Mardoh
needs to stretch her wings. Perhaps we could throw in a little practice before
The two boys fetched their practice weapons, saddled their
bonded and prepared to mount. Belil, their father’s steward came rushing over,
“Masters Enki and Enlil, where are you going? You must prepare for
tonight’s festivities”
“We’re just going for a fly-over; we will be back in one
turning of the dial.”
The boys mounted, their dragons unfolding their wings and began
beating in time, revelling in the movement after days spent confined on the
craft and in the chamber. Belil smiled, inclined his head and said, “Very
well, your attendants will await you upon your return.”
Flying over Aden they engaged in a race weaving in and out of
the buildings and spires, under bridges, over towers, skimming over the water,
getting as close as they dared to people and objects on the ground without
actually touching them. It was a game they often played, one that required not
only speed, but also dexterity, skill and bravery. Enki was the faster and more
daring of the two, but Enlil was far more shrewd and less likely to end up
crash landing or requiring the services of the master healer after
miscalculating the distance between himself and an object.
Lord Anu often despaired of his son’s propensity to self-harm
and wondered if he was marrying the right son to Lord Amun and Lady Isa’s
daughter. Enlil may have been the elder of the two brothers, but he was the son
of Lord Anu’s younger wife, Lord Anu having married a pair of sisters.  Enki’s mother was first wife and, according
to the customs of the Annunaki, Enki was regarded as first son and so the first
to be wedded. The Ladies Barat An-na and Tiamat left the rearing of their boys
to Lord Anu and the tutors, preferring to devote their time to the raising of
Lady Tiamat’s daughter, Eris. The Annunaki were matrilineal and the bloodlines
flowed through the women. It was Eris who would be continuing their bloodline
and so it was of vital importance that she be trained to deal with all matters
related to their house. Each house had its own methods, practices and secrets
and the women were the guardians of that knowledge.
They reached the outskirts of the city and spying the tournament
grounds, steered their bonded over. Setting down they examined the grounds inch
by inch, looking over the spectator stands, the distance of the targets, the
obstacles for the flight competition and the area for the tournament the warriors
most looked forward to; combat. Two opposing Annunaki and their dragons would
fly at each other from opposite ends of the field each armed with a flaming
sword and shield. The objective being dislodging the competitor from his or her
bonded. Fighting was fierce and injuries common, with death being an accepted
Enki and Enlil studied the shields posted on the tournament lists
to better know who they would be facing, each of the major houses were
represented as well as each city faction. In this, the nobility and commoners
were equal, anyone could emerge the victor. It was a source of pride for each
faction and much time went on training their best fighters with
mini-competitions held throughout the year, the victor then going on to compete
in the tournament. Each faction had their own emblem and insignia with their
industry displayed on their shield. Thus the garment faction had a loom, the
food a winnow of wheat, the goldsmiths a nugget of gold. The noble houses had
animals or objects found in nature as their insignia, passed down through the
women. Lord Anu’s house which was House Samael was a two-headed eagle looking
forwards and backwards, in reference to the unique abilities found in their
“Each of the 12 houses are represented this year, looks
like House Daemon have found a warrior”, Enlil snorted. It was not unusual
for several years to pass between Houses entering their champions as each house
had a limited number of children, the children must pass through several years
of training and puberty and then face their 3 trials before being deemed fit to
take part. Each champion could only compete once in their lifetime, so if a
House had a gap in the age of their children, then they would not be
represented in the tournament. 
“It was gracious of the council to allow father to enlist
us both” Enki observed, studying the lists and two shields: one under
House Samael for Enlil and the other under House Nata for himself.
“They had no choice, I came of age last year, but because
we were commanded to remain on Tiamut it is only right they allow us both to
“I could compete next year.”
“No, I overheard Father and Belil talking in his study. The
council is anxious it is taking so long to find a method to harvest the crops.
Food supply is running low on Nibiru. We will not be able to return until
supply lines are established, they’re guessing 5 to 7 years. Besides, it hasn’t
been settled, should you chose to not be betrothed to your intended bride, you
will not be able to compete under her family shield.”
“As you never fail to delight in reminding me.”
“Rather you than me” Enlil said, playfully aiming his
sword then swinging as if to strike his brother’s head off his shoulders.
 Enki ducked, then looked
up momentarily distracted by a red blur hurtling towards the city centre
looking though it were poised to strike a blow at the heart of the Annunaki
before pulling up at the last second and heading off west, “Oh, we’d
better get back. Father will be angry if we keep him waiting.”
“Let’s go meet that bride of yours. I wager you will be
compelled to find a second wife before the first year’s out. Our mothers have
their designs upon this one.” Enlil said with a grim nod in the direction
of House Nata’s shield on the lists: a serpent eating its own tail.

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