Four Days Until The RoNAs – How nervous am I?!

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It is so hard to believe that in twenty two days I’ll be celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of my debut novel Bridge Over the Atlantic. How time flies and how things change.

I started out on this journey just to prove to myself that I could complete something as lengthy and time consuming as a novel and one year on I have published two further books and have another three contracted to be published within the next year. It’s completely staggering and very humbling.

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In five day’s time I go to London to attend The RoNAs. This is the annual awards ceremony rung by The Romantic Novelists Association to find the Romantic Novel of the Year. And my debut novel is on the Contemporary Romance shortlist. As I type those words it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet – and if I am completely honest I am not sure they will until I am on the return journey from London having met my idols and brushed shoulders with some very talented people. Me. How bizarre!

RNA Awards 2014 Contemporary

This past week has been a roller-coaster of press and panic! I was interviewed by Emma, a journalist from The Daily Record’s Sunday Mail paper. It was a ‘Peek Inside Your Pad’ piece and was very positive; my house looked remarkably tidy for once!

But my word the panic! The nerves are jangling now I’m counting down the days until my trip to London.  I’m under no illusions about winning the award – I’m shortlisted beside some of my favourite authors and so I have to be realistic here –  but just to have been shortlisted has been wonderful. Anything else will be the cherry on the cake!

I have my outfit prepared and thankfully got my parents approval on that – they are my rock and so I had to ask 🙂 But the next few days I think are going to be very emotional for many reasons. Not least because of that monumental trip south to discover how my book has done. 

I will no doubt report back once the dust and my ragged emotions have settled. Bridge Over the Atlantic now has a companion novel signed up for publication in October. It tells the story from the main male character’s POV and has much of his back-story in. I wrote this book on the request of my readers who had simply fallen in love with him and I happily obliged. I loved writing it and I can’t wait to share it with the people who want it the most.

quote-graphic-bridge-of-hope-3 (1)

I can never say thank you enough to the people who continue to read and enjoy my work and to the other authors who have taken me under their wing, showing support.

As for my readers – many of whom have become really good friends – I can’t wait to share the book that I wrote for them and can only hope that Bridge of Hope does them proud.

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4 responses to “Four Days Until The RoNAs – How nervous am I?!

  1. you certaintly deserve recognition,your books have got better each time and I cant wait for your next one.good luck.

  2. Congratulation and good luck at the RoNAs! I hope I have even the slightest bit of success with my first novel when I’m done with it! Maybe you could give me some guidance when things calm down… which will probably be never right? lol Congratulations on your success 🙂

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