Kate Roth’s Reckless Radiance Blog Tour!

Today it is with great pleasure that I am hosting the lovely KATE ROTH – author of one of my favourite books THE LOW NOTES on my blog!  This is to celebrate the release of her latest novel RECKLESS RADIANCE.  I am currently reading and thoroughly enjoying this book so why don’t you check out the info below and the rafflecopter at the end of the post where you can win some fantastic swag!  Over to you Kate…



Thank you so much for having me, Lisa! I wanted to do something fun today on this stop of the blog tour for my newest release, Reckless Radiance, and share with the readers some people I might cast in a hypothetical movie version of the book!

First up is Russell, my mystery man who is quickly revealed to be an angel following Valerie. He is tall, dark and handsome with striking blue eyes. He’s hard for me to cast because I see him in my head so clearly and he’s an original. But my mind always drifts back to actor, Matt Bomer from White Collar. He is a touch older than Russell should appear to be but he has the hair, the eyes and the sophisticated look that I imagine Russell has.

Next is Valerie, the soft-spoken young girl who has a history of running away from her problems. Valerie is your typical girl next door. She’s a pretty blonde with hazel eyes. I love the model that ended up on the cover of the book but for ‘film’ casting I like Emma Bell, formerly on TV’s The Walking Dead.

For Gabriel, Valerie’s childhood love, I like Percy Jackson himself, Logan Lerman. I keep telling myself he’s too young to be Gabriel but Gabriel is a teenager and Logan Lerman is twenty! I guess I just feel old looking at these young dudes.

So those are my three leads in actor form! I hope you enjoyed this fun little post. Check out Reckless Radiance and the rest of the blog tour at www.katerothwrites.blogspot.com






Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Kate every success with her fantastic new release!


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