Something in the Scottish air?

Well it’s a hat trick folks!  I have just signed my THIRD publishing contract!  I am sure there is something in the Scottish air as I never in my wildest dreams would have expected this when we relocated just over a year ago.

I am still working with the ever growing independent publishing company 5 Prince Publishing who continue to show the most wonderful support and faith in my abilities; which both delights and humbles me.  Getting one contract was immense…two was astounding and now…words ALMOST fail me 😉  But you know that I have a tendency to ramble so there’s not much chance of complete silence.

Lisa Book Covers

So here I am again, thinking about book cover designs!  You know me.  I get my priorities a little skewed.  Instead of thinking of the edits and the content at the moment all I can think is “How pretty is it going to look?”  As this is another stand alone book I think I am leaning toward a similar style cover to my previous two, with my name in the same font as before.  I believe it’s referred to as branding.  A new concept to me but one I am fast becoming accustomed with.


Now speaking of the Scottish air, the temperature has dropped significantly today!  I have even resorted to turning on my central heating!  Shock horror!  It would be lovely to think that this was a temporary blip but having lived here for just over a year now I am guessing that perhaps winter is well and truly on its way.  And in all honesty I really don’t mind.  I am quite a fan of autumn with its rusty reds, golds and browns.  And so it is with a big smile that I will pull out my woollies and boots and set them back in my wardrobe to replace the thinner items there at the moment.

We had out very first harvest of veg from the plot in our garden this week too which was wonderful!  Onions, carrots, potatoes, apples and blackberries.IMG_20130915_130848

It’s quite a sense of achievement for Hubby considering he has put so much work into it this year.  And there is something rather satisfying about eating fresh produce straight from your own garden!

Well, that’s my news for now folks!  So bye from my little corner of Scotland.  I will share more news when I have it.  Oh and if you read and enjoy Through the Glass or Bridge Over the Atlantic (which I really hope you do) then please leave a review and spread the word!

5 Prince small logo


2 responses to “Something in the Scottish air?

  1. Wonderfull to read all is still going so well with you..Congrats with living your dream x Nandi

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