Spring has sprung! Well for now at least…

Hello everyone!  Today is one of those days that makes me smile.  I am looking out of my window and the sky is a stunning cornflower blue dotted with fluffy clouds; the kind that remind me of candyfloss.  It looks like I could reach up and pull one down!  Alas, I have house chores to do and so until I am able to hang out the laundry I will just keep gazing out of the window periodically to take in the stunning vista before me.

Spring has sprung

Last weekend was a weekend to remember.  I have my book on sale in a lovely little book shop and they invited me in to do a book signing.  So there I sat in my place behind my little table whilst people came in and perused the books on the shelf.  I think the most surreal thing was that MY book was one of the books on the shelf being perused!  What a wonderful feeling.

My book on sale!

The weather was very wet!  But it didn’t dampen my spirits.  The ladies in the shop made me copious cups of tea and I was delighted with cake too!

It was a great opportunity to meet people and see that my book is being appreciated.  I am very grateful for that.  I still remain in awe of this whole ‘being a published author’ situation and I am still humbled by the stories that people impart when they contact me to say they have read Bridge Over the Atlantic and it’s made them smile, cry and reminisce.  What more could I ask for?

Editing is ongoing with my second novel and I am hoping that it will be out towards Autumn time so watch this space!

Right, off to do my chores now!



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