Second Novel Cover Reveal!

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since my debut novel ‘Bridge Over the Atlantic’ was published.  Up to now it has been well received.  I have had fifteen reviews on Amazon UK at 5 stars!  This is amazing and I am thrilled to pieces!  I am aware that this may not always be the case however and that my book may not always meet with such positive reactions.  After all you can’t please everyone!  But as long as I am pleasing some I feel it has all been worthwhile. The eBook is currently on sale at the bargain price of £1.96 in the UK and $3.01 on so if you like romance novels be sure to check it out!

Today has seen the beginning of the editing process for my second stand alone novel ‘Through the Glass’ which will be published later this year through 5 Prince Publishing again.  I feel that I have grown as a writer and that my subsequent novels show how much I have learned during the editing process.  My third novel is almost finished too!  I am writing like a woman possessed!  But I have to say that I am loving every minute of my new-found passion for stories.

The artwork for my new cover is complete and the talented Viola Estrella once again game up with the goods when she interpreted my ramblings and dodgy sketch with great aplomb!  See what you think!

Through the Glass

I may be doing a giveaway of a signed copy of my debut novel so keep a look out on my Facebook author page.


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