Writing in a winter wonderland…


We are now in the throes of our first Scottish winter and I have to say that I am loving it! I am sitting here looking out of the window as the snow falls quite heavily enveloping the outdoors in a bright white blanket.
Here I sit in my cosy cottage lounge with the log burner kicking out enough heat to fry eggs whilst the very few people I have seen through the window are walking by trussed up against the harsh winter storm; eyes peeping out through layers of scarves, hats and hoods.

Yesterday was Sunday and we are fortunate enough to have a hill behind the house which slopes away into the fields below. It’s a popular spot for sledging and we were out there with everyone, shiny new sledge in tow to enjoy the fun and frolics. Afterwards it was back to a friend’s house for warming drinks and home-baking. Wonderful.
The monochromatic landscape at the back of the cottage at the moment is simply stunning and I can’t get enough of it. Visibility toward the mountains in the distance is reduced but it still looks so very pretty out there. I am including a couple of snaps.

As I have been typing the snow has become heavier. The flakes are larger and they are sprinting toward the ground at high speed. The wind has picked up and I can hear it whistling down the chimney like a frustrated spectre.
Just before writing this blog entry I was working on my second novel which I am happy to say is now complete. I am now putting into practise all the skills I have acquired thanks to my editor Bernadette at 5 Prince Publishing and editing the manuscript ready for submission. I will soon be handing it onto my beta readers which is the next step in the exciting process.


Editing my first novel, Bridge Over the Atlantic, is going really well and I am wholeheartedly enjoying the process. It’s wonderful to see the book developing. It won’t be long now until it’s out there for people to read. April is the publishing date and seeing as we are now hurtling toward the end of January it’s getting ever closer!
I am off now to do some more work and in between to gaze out of my window at the wintry postcard developing in front of my cottage.



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