Bridge Over The Atlantic – Lisa J Hobman – Cover Reveal!

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Those of you who have been accompanying me on the journey I began in the first half of 2012 will be aware of my upcoming debut novel Bridge Over The Atlantic (Published to both eBook and paperback in April 2013). Well I wanted to share the most wonderful thing with you. My cover artwork!

There is the old adage ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ which can be related to many situations and not just books. I have to admit, however, to being naughty with regards to this adage and books and to the fact that I have disregarded books if the cover has not been appealing to me. I have now learned to not do this but knowing that I have thought this way in the past made me determined to ensure my own book cover was attractive and appealing. (Just in case!)
My publishers (5 Prince Publishing) work with a very talented lady called Viola Estrella who produces most, if not all, of their cover art. Having seen her work I knew she was going to do well with mine. I just had to communicate to her what I wanted.

When I was asked to complete a form telling Viola of my requirements I really went to town. I waffled on, and on, and on…………..and on some more! I tried to explain what I hoped for but I really wasn’t sure if what I was asking for was a) appealing, b) suitable for the genre, c) do-able. It turns out it was all of those things.
5 Prince Publishing have been amazing with me. They have taken me under their wing and put up with my incessant questioning, my panic and my sheer naiveté. They have a wonderful team over in Colorado and I am so proud to be connected with them. Viola took my ramblings and made something wonderful from them. I am so grateful.
Anyway, enough procrastination. The thing I want to do is share my cover with you. So here goes. I love it. I hope you love it too………..

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6 responses to “Bridge Over The Atlantic – Lisa J Hobman – Cover Reveal!

  1. What a great cover! Congratulations. I’m so happy you’re with such a wonderful publishing company. I did an informal survey for some personal research with a couple of author/reader groups I belong to and well over 50% answered the cover is the reason the pick up a book. I know it is for me a majority of the time. Granted, I then read the blurb and about the author and the genre, but I picked it up due to the cover. Well done and best of luck. I look forward to hearing more about your adventure 🙂

    Paul R. Hewlett

  2. Love the cover and congratulations. I can’t wait to read this book. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful cover so appealing to the eyes, i have never bothered with the look of the cover and always read the story line on the back of the book, im so looking forward to reading your book. Louise x

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