Out with the old year and in with the new….


It’s still shocks me to think that this time last year I was sitting in Yorkshire waiting for my house to sell so that I could begin my new life in Scotland with my little family.  And now here I am having just celebrated our first Christmas in our Scottish home.  It’s quite surreal.

This year has been pretty amazing to say the least.  We have moved, made friends, I started a business and finished my novel.  Puddleduck and Hubby settled well and now have their own circles of new friends which makes me so happy.

Christmas has been wonderful.  My folks arrived on the 23rd of December quite late in the afternoon and it was so good to see them.  I had just returned from recording a song as a gift for Hubby and was already on a kind of natural high from the excitement of it all; seeing my Mum and Dad just put the icing on the already fabulous cake!

Christmas Eve was a real family affair.  Hubby and I prepared a delicious meal and we all sat around the table to enjoy it.  There was a lot of lively chatter and of course Puddleduck was even giddier than ever with the thoughts of what Santa might bring.  The tree sat in the corner of the dining room with its lights twinkling away and the feeling was magical.

Christmas morning was a mammoth gift opening session and we were all so excited to be spending more quality time together as a family.  Christmas lunch was delicious but later than usual which didn’t seem to matter.  There was plenty of time for more chatter and games.

The days that followed Christmas were a mixture of lazy pyjama days and fun filled family days.  I cried when I waved off my folks.  It was hard to say goodbye as it always is.

Today we ventured out into the fresh December air to make the most of the bright blue sky over our corner of Scotland.  The breeze was crisp and the sun glinted on the ice covered puddles along the pine tree lined lane that we followed up into the hills.  We laughed and chatted as the dogs ran back and forth covering twice our distance.  The walk was finished off with hot chocolate and marsh mallows at a garden centre; a pretty fabulous day.

Now we look towards 2013 with a nervous excitement.  Scotland is proving so far to be the right place for us and long may that continue.  As for New Year resolutions?  To continue to be happy, healthy and an honorary Scot’s lass with a published novel under her belt 🙂  I would like to wish each and every person reading a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.



One response to “Out with the old year and in with the new….

  1. And a Happy and prosperous New Year to you too!!

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