Feeling Very Festive!

Tonights Glorious Sunset

Tonights Glorious Sunset

My first Scottish Christmas season is well under way now and so far so good!  The tree is up and I am feeling very festive indeed.  The little white lights are casting a cosy warm glow around the room and the garland has been placed over the fireplace, complete with some of my home made hanging wooden trees.  I have to say that the cottage looks very cosy and inviting when you walk up the short path to the front door.  We have hung little coloured lanterns across the front of the cottage too to finish the look off nicely.

I have even begun the arduous task of wrapping gifts!  It’s funny how the gifts seem to multiply and the pile never gets any smaller!  We have chosen tartan paper to wrap most gifts in this year; it felt very fitting to do so.

I was very impressed with our local council this morning.  Whilst I was sitting with my Kindle in the lounge, after making the slippery and rather treacherous walk back from school, I glanced out of the window to see a chap in high-vis jacket sprinkling grit by hand onto the pavement!  Suffice it to say that the walk back down the road to school was much improved and far less dangerous!

This week has also seen steps forward with my debut novel!  I was excited to have the pleasure of emailing with my editor, at 5 Prince Publishing, for the first time yesterday.  We decided the way forward and work will begin this week.  I am very much looking forward to working with her; she is a published author and will advise me on how best to present my book ready for its publication.  Another positive step!

I think we can expect a ground frost again tonight judging by the myriad stars visible in the sky right now.  It never ceases to amaze me, the night sky here.  There is little up-light in the village making it easy to spot certain constellations.  I could stare skyward for hours (if it wasn’t so cold!).

I must get back to my wrapping!  More on Christmas in Scotland soon….

My tree with home made decorations

My tree with home made decorations


One response to “Feeling Very Festive!

  1. Ice and snow; how ‘different’ from our hot blazing sun summer filled days with me ‘out in the garden’ merrily planting new friends before the cooler days arrive…!
    Your Christmas tree sounds (and looks) marvelous; we each have a good deal to be thankful for.
    Your novel launch should go well; good to have ‘experience’ by your side (although I’m sure you will still be like a new mum at the birth of her first child)!

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