Christmas shopping and the winter wonderland


It’s been snowing.  Not directly over my house but in pretty much all the surrounding areas which is odd to say the least.  So now I’m living in a winter wonderland and I LOVE it!

Saturday was wonderful. Around 6.30pm we went along to the village green across from home to see the lights being switched on and to partake of a little mulled wine and mince pie.  Santa made an appearance too and we left feeling very festive, warm and fuzzy.  The green now has a twinkle of white lights adorning the hitherto bare trees.

We had a pretend drumroll and a lights switch on of our very own after Hubby strung some pretty coloured lanterns across the front of the cottage and secured the wreath to the front door.  Dinner with friends topped off a lovely Saturday beautifully.

Sunday has been bright and crisp and seeing as Christmas is drawing ever nearer we decided to make the best of the dry day and head off towards Edinburgh to do a little Christmas shopping.

The weather over the past few days has been decidedly cold and snow even made a sneaky appearance overnight just before the weekend.  The view that greeted us as we made our journey towards Edinburgh was the stuff of Christmas cards.  The glistening snow covered mountains were the most wonderful sight.  Just a little taste of what winter has in store.


The shopping trip was successful and I enjoyed a gingerbread latte as a little reward!  The roads on the return journey were a shiny, ice-covered nightmare and the temperature gauge informed us it was minus 4 degrees!  I’m guessing that we’ll be greeted by frost once again when we awake tomorrow.  But for now, the log burner is lit and we can gaze across at the twinkling lights with a cosy glow and a smile on our faces.


4 responses to “Christmas shopping and the winter wonderland

  1. What a joy to read..! 😉
    Thank heavens for community values and pride; Christmas is upon us…!
    A ‘gingerbread latte’ sounds intriguing…! I can’t quite imagine how it would taste however, I’d love to try one…!

  2. Awesome…I’ve never experienced a “white” christmas…looks like it would be fun!

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