Are you ready for winter?……Well are ya?!

My favourite tree

….Is a question I am being asked with increasing frequency!  Perhaps not with quite as much Pirate-like charm as I have expressed above 🙂 I bumped into a neighbour from a little further down the road who was the first to ask me this question.  I smiled and said I was looking forward to a completely new season; having been here for the latter end of spring, then summer and autumn.  He smiled and shook his head, clearly thinking me naive.

‘Do you have a generator?’ he asked.  The expression on my face turned to one of a combination of shock and confusion.  I shook my head. ‘Ah.  You may want to invest in one!’ he informed me!

Since this conversation, which took place around a month ago, I have been chatting to other locals about the anticipated change in weather and I have been given several pieces of advice.

  1. Buy a generator. (Not sure we will actually do this due to storage…)
  2. Stock up your oil tank. (Bloomin’ expensive but apparently necessary!)
  3. Get another log load delivered. (Great, more log lugging!)
  4. Buy a bread maker. (Quite fancy one of these anyway…)
  5. Stock up your second freezer. (On it!)
  6. Make sure you have a good supply of gas for your camping stove. (Sorted…who would have thought we would ever need a camping stove for anything other than camping?!  Although, it does sound like the whole winter experience could turn out to be very much like camping!)
  7. Buy some candles! (Ok, a reason to visit Ikea?  Hubby will be pleased….not)
  8. Invest in some thermals. (Ahem…never imagined I would need to!  But ok…)
  9. Expect any visitors who are coming to stay to perhaps be here longer than initially anticipated! (Pack extra togs folks!  Christmas could be a long one!)
  10. Be prepared to be very inventive with your time! (Sounds like fun!)

I am told that last year wasn’t ‘too bad’ but that we are due a fairly severe winter.  Apparently several years ago the village got cut off from the outside world for over a week!   A year before that the power went out for over a week too!  Looks like we are in for an interesting first Christmas in our new home!  Can I still call it new now that we have been here for six months?  Perhaps not.  I am now told that we are like a part of the furniture of the place.  That makes me very happy, as it’s all we ever wanted to hear.

I have to say that whilst I have my trepidations about Scotland in winter, it has always been a dream of mine to experience it.  So, for the moment at least, excitement outweighs any worries I am harbouring.

Earlier this week the local council came and strung fairy lights on the trees, which surround the village green, opposite our house!  How exciting!  To say the excitement was once again ramped up to number 11 is a slight understatement!

I simply cannot wait to get a real Christmas tree!  We have had an artificial one for as many years as I can remember but this year I get to have the fresh smell of pine in my home – wonderful.

Speaking of trees, I sincerely hope that I will get to go as far as my favourite tree to take photos of it covered in snow!  Although the very stuff I want to photograph may hamper any attempts to go anywhere!!  But, yes, rest assured that I will have my camera at the ready for every eventuality!  Right, winter….bring it on!


6 responses to “Are you ready for winter?……Well are ya?!

  1. I love the idea of being snowed in (WITH electricity lol). But I am curious as to why having a bread maker is a suggestion to make it through the winter. I am across The Pond, so maybe what doesn’t make sense to me makes sense to everyone other there! 😀

  2. Sounds wonderful, if not a little inzy winzy bit scary..
    As long as you’ve thermals and some extra logs all should be well… Ha ha… that sounds like a northern Christmas; to be sure..! I’ve always wanted a bread maker too; though not for the same reason.
    Having only seen snow a few times I can’t imagine what it must be like to be ‘snowed-in’. I shall look forward to reading more as Christmas approaches. Take care, and half your luck with a ‘real tree’…!

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