Edinburgh….majestic and beautiful

Now I don’t profess to be a photographer by any means.  But yesterday we took a trip to Scotland’s capital for Christmas shopping.  The sky was a bright, cornflower blue and was scattered with fluffy, cotton wool clouds, even though the air had the expected November bite.

We visited what felt like every shop!  But we also managed to take a walk through Princes Street Gardens and gaze up at the castle, standing majestically high upon it’s rocky precipice.  I thought I would share a few photos I took on my phone.  The image above is taken from the fountain within the Princes Street gardens and I am quite pleased that I managed to capture the sunbeams as they streamed down like ribbons across the view.

The quality is most definitely not as high as that of a good camera but as we were supposed to be shopping I didn’t even consider taking my SLR.  But it’s so typical, isn’t it? That when you don’t have the right gear with you, you see things that are so worth photographing!

The autumnal colours of red, gold, rust and brown were present everywhere and I wasn’t the only one making the most of the photographic opportunities that nature had gifted.

The last vestiges of summer were clinging on in the green leaves that hadn’t yet turned.  It truly was a sight to behold and I am now hoping I get to visit again in Winter.  I can imagine that the same view covered in a blanket of powdery, sparkling white will be something quite spectacular.


12 responses to “Edinburgh….majestic and beautiful

  1. One of my sons lives in Fife so I get to Edinburgh during the Fringe. Love it. Like the ‘sunbeamy’ pic which for some reason remimds me of being very cold in Edinburgh 🙂

  2. Well I don’t know about not being a photographer, but I almost feel like booking a ticket to come and check Scotland out!

  3. a cracking day by all accounts – the classic castle view as well bonus 😀

  4. A lovely sojourn, no doubt…
    Yes, it seems so that when a camera is needed one hasn’t one. Aren’t we fortunate, these days to have phones with cameras..!?!
    My daughter and I were out to lunch last Wednesday when we saw the most magnificent Water Dragon (large lizard). She immediately took out her phone and ‘presto’, an image to remember emailed to me on the spot..
    Oh, technology….. It is wonderful…!

  5. HelloHa! Following you so can keep up to date with all things Scottish and loverly! 🙂

  6. Edinburgh is a lovely city, beautiful all year round! Hope you enjoy your winter visits too!


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