Coming home….

Hazy Friday

If any of you lovely people reading this have relocated at any point in your life you will understand how difficult it can be missing the ones you love.  This weekend I went back to Yorkshire to visit family and friends for the first time in several months.  The last time I made the journey was August and then I didn’t get to see friends.

This weekend was wonderful.  We had been invited to stay with a family with whom we became very good friends just prior to our relocation.  It was strange how this friendship blossomed through our children just as we were about to leave.  We have talked as a group about the timing of this and our conclusion is simple; we were meant to meet and become friends, full stop.  Timing is only a minor factor.  The great thing is, now we can visit for extended weekends and mini holidays as we did this weekend and we all get to enjoy quality time together.  Perfect!

After a delightful shopping trip, where I managed to find the perfect winter coat which had hitherto eluded me, we went to the bonfire party in the village where we used to live.  We drank hot mulled wine as we watched the myriad coloured sparkles explode in the night sky; the amber glow of the roaring fire making our cheeks rosy and taking the nip out of the air.  The bonfire party was very well attended and I was delighted to see some of the children I used to teach at the High School where I used to work.  They all looked so grown up!

Seeing my Mum and Dad again was also wonderful.  Sadly it was a flying visit but just to hug them both and spend an hour or two chatting about the goings on back home made our time there very special.  Leaving was very emotional.  I’m now counting down the days until I see them again, which may be Christmas, when they come to spend the festive season in our cosy little cottage, weather permitting!

Me at the bonfire

I got to hug my best friend too.  I had not seen her since June and had missed her terribly.  Her little boy is beautiful and growing so fast!  He wasn’t too keen on the firework display and spent much of the time with his hands over his ears 🙂 After leaving her I shed a few tears again.  Saying goodbye is so difficult.  But on the up side she is coming to stay for a few days and I only have EIGHT sleeps to wait!

I must admit, I felt a little twinge of sadness that Yorkshire no longer feels like ‘home’ to me.  A friend had said that this would be the case and he was right.  Nothing had changed; well nothing, that is, apart from me.

Sunday saw us sitting in the village pub we used to frequent, eating a roast dinner and chatting as a large group of friends with our wonderful hosts, enjoying the last couple of hours of our visit.

Sunday’s return journey flew by.  We watched the sky set alight as the sun descended.  Once it was officially evening we drove the winding roads in a silent contentment, playing back the memories we had made during the weekend like little movies in our minds.

But, when our journey was done, it felt so, so good to be home.  Yes home!  Scotland.  Walking through the door into my cottage and smelling the remnants of the log fire, as it lay waiting to be brought back to life, made me sigh with happiness.  We closed the door on the cold night and made a rough and ready meal of oven chips and veggie fingers.  Very sophisticated don’t you know?!

This morning, the sun is shining, the sky is bright blue and there is a layer of frost on the ground.  The promise of a very cold and snowy winter is in the air.  And I can’t wait to spend it here.

The sun’s descent – Yorkshire


14 responses to “Coming home….

  1. Thanks again for sharing the journey you,re on..the gorgeous and happy pictures you,ve posted and the lumb(?) in ma throath…
    And ocourse ,welcome Home …;-)

  2. Beautifully written.. I felt every emotion..!
    There is a sadness when we know it is time to move on. There has to be that ‘mental/emotional’ break else we can’t settle in the new. Once settled though, as you’ve written, it becomes our new home where our mental/emotional senses feel comfortable…
    I’m so pleased you are looking forward to the winter. I do love the cold weather, though I’m not sure if I’d like it as cold as I believe you must be going to experience..!

  3. I grew up in North Queensland – the tropics and love getting back up there, but it is all to infrequent these days as we have no family up there anymore. But I hear what you say… And on hot mulled wine, it must be a Scottish thing…but is it any good, never tried it myself!

  4. After a while you will delight in having two countries that feel like home and in being the new added to you. As a little girl I could never understand the concept of having to choose one great idea over another – why not both! Over the years I discovered that I was right. We can only ever have one physical reality at any given moment but we can have a myriad of alternatives through our imaginative senses. Standing in Scotland you can feel how good it was to be in Yorkshire. There is a wonderful Netherlands word ‘heimwee’ (hi – mmm- way) which includes the meaning of a longing for home and the not to be put into words feeling of that hidden something that is wrapped up in the known. I have been asked many times over the years if I have heimwee for Scotland and my answer has always been ‘no’, because Scotland is in me. Keep on enjoying as you do your thrill of discovering yourself in this new and expanding life. Look forward to your next instalment.

  5. It’s lovely to read and speak to people who positively love living in Scotland. I have a real fondness for Yorkshire, due to many familiy holidays in the past, so would imagine that it was a big decision to make to up sticks to Scotland – glad my home country is holding its own!

  6. Hello! I couldn’t find your email address, so I’m leaving a comment here to let you know that you won October’s Present in the Post! If you email me your address I will post it to you 🙂 (

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