My blog has been published in an online mag!!!

When we relocated to Scotland, almost six months ago now, I began writing this blog for a number of reasons.  Initially it was to keep a record of things as they panned out in our new home and so that friends and family could find out what we were up to.  Then when I had completed my debut novel it became a vehicle for me to share the journey of trying to get it published, in addition to the above reasons.

When I started writing my blog on WordPress I had no idea that it would eventually be published in a magazine!  But when I chatted with the lovely editor of’s Home Magazine it turned out she was looking for stories such as mine to feature.  I jumped at the chance and wrote my first articled based around the subject of my blog.  I have been asked to produce a series of these for the magazine and I cannot tell you how excited I am about the whole thing.  My next copy is going in any day now.  For me, having something like this published is one step closer to me reaching my goal of becoming a published author.

I wanted to share this little piece of happiness with the wonderful people who support me as I am walking around with a huge grin on my face!  The fact that people want to read something that I have written is both mind boggling and wonderful and I appreciate it so much.  Check out pages 30/31 of the following link but read the whole mag it really is worth a read!! IF YOU LOOKED BEFORE AND THE LINK DIDN’T WORK PLEASE CHECK IT NOW – DIFFERENT LINK (ME PAGE 30/31)


12 responses to “My blog has been published in an online mag!!!

  1. Congratulations…we share something in common, Bucketlist publications, an online mag did one of mine recently, it feels rewarding, doesn’t it??

  2. 6 months eh! well by my maths this will be your first winter – it can be a challenge travelling but the mountains in snow with autumn colours around the base is just superb – enjoy

  3. Congratulations. That’s wonderful for you.

  4. The mag is a nice one… I took a little stroll through, read your article (which I though very sincere and grounded) and enjoyed your sense of belonging… I’ll enjoy reading more, I’m sure…!
    Oh yes, congratulations…! Well done…

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