Fresh air and flights of fancy

We awoke, this morning, feeling refreshed after the delightful extra hour in bed (God bless daylight saving time!) and decided to have a relatively lazy day.  Puddleduck watched the episode of ‘Merlin’ that she had missed the evening before when we had been out for dinner and Hubby decided that he was going sort the plants out in the greenhouse (tomatoes that needed removing, peppers too) and he was going to dig up the remaining carrots for today’s dinner.Relishing the opportunity to get onto my laptop and continue the story of Flick and Jim I got to work.  Hubby and I had spent a good hour on Saturday evening brainstorming ideas for the next phase of the story (he is, after all, my muse).  This is novel 2 and I want to ensure that the story is completely different, obviously, from novel 1.  My writing style has remained the same.  I am not sure how I could go about changing that, however, I have been told I write how I speak and that this is a good thing and so I am sticking with it!  The story is coming together well and I am loving writing it.

Veggies from the garden

I have to say that I am a little calmer this time around.  Gone is the frantic typing and blurting out of ideas so fast that my typing makes nil sense!  I can liken it to the way a relationship progresses.  At first there is the mad passion; you can’t get enough of each other.  Then your relationship develops into something deeper but just as meaningful.  My first book was all about telling the story with a great deal of urgency; and I love the story for the sense of urgency it portrays.  This time, however, I am letting it breathe.  I’m letting the ideas flow, grow and develop.  I think I have a little more patience this time.  The passion is still there and don’t get me wrong, I love the characters in this book just as much and the book means as much to me.  It’s just different.  But I think that’s a very positive thing.  I don’t want to churn out the same story but with different names and locations.  And I don’t want to burn out whilst I still have more stories to tell (there are another 2 novels in the pipeline for after the completion of my current one and that’s only at this point!)

At around lunch time we decided that fresh air was required!  We set off to the nearby beach and took our two crazy dogs with us.  This is one of the many things I love about our new location, we have the best of so many worlds, beaches, mountains, towns, cities, etc.  Whilst at the beach we had an incident where Marls decided he would run off and play with some other dogs he had spotted quite a distance away (the blinkers descended and try as we might there was no recalling him).  To top it off Rubes thought she would slip from Puddleduck’s grasp and join him!  So there was a bit of running/shouting akin to the ‘Fenton’ clip on Youtube!  But then order was restored and we filled our lungs with the cold, fresh, biting sea air and had a lovely afternoon throwing sticks for Marls and partaking in a, sadly, fruitless hunt for driftwood.  The driftwood that we encountered (as you can see from the photos) was more like drift trees!

Sunday at the beach

Back home now in the cosiness of the cottage it’s time to re-join Flick and Jim and find out what they will get up to next!  The fire is lit and the beef stew is being prepared by Hubby as I type.  Puddleduck is watching some disgusting educational kids show on the TV which is talking about spots!  Delightful!  And so it is time to crack on!  Happy Sunday to all.


4 responses to “Fresh air and flights of fancy

  1. That looks like the NE coast even though it probably isn’t. I’m reminded of the necessity of beef stew in Scotland!

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