The joys of paper and plastic

Today it’s dull and cold and I am struggling to feel motivated.  I am waiting for things to dry in the workshop and so I can’t go up there  although I have managed to complete some commissions and items ready for the coming weekend’s craft fair! (I will include a couple of photos of my latest creations).  I have hit a temporary writer’s brick wall and so nothing is happening there.  My one saving grace today?  My Kindle!

I bought my kindle as a little treat for myself after we moved up to Scotland.  I envisaged cold winter evenings sitting by the log burner; Kindle in one hand, nice warm glass of red in the other.  I didn’t expect to be doing that on a cold October Monday at 2pm!  I have to point out, however, that the wine has been replaced, in this instance by a nice hot cup of Joe.

E-book readers are an amazing invention, aren’t they?  My house is pretty much full of books (of the paper and hardback varieties).  We still have hundreds despite me encouraging Hubby to have a rather comprehensive clear out prior to the move.  But even now, the loft is stacked with boxes of books.  I have built in shelving in my dining room and master bedroom.  The window seats in both the lounge and dining room have fitted cupboards under – full of books.  There is a free standing book case in the dining room – full.  Puddleduck has a book case crammed 3 layers deep with books and there is even a book case in the guest room which is full.  There are many cookbooks in the kitchen which actually get used now that I have moved and learned to cook!  So all in all as a family we love to read and have enough books to rival a branch of Waterstone’s!

I do love books but they take up a lot of space and with the exception of ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Catcher In The Rye’ which I have read on numerous occasions, I very rarely read a book more than once.  So for me the Kindle/e-book reader is the perfect solution.  Since buying the little gadget I have lost count of the number of books I have managed to read.  But the good thing is I don’t have to store them anywhere!  The storage in my 200 year old cottage is actually quite good considering the age of the place.  But even so, there are three of us and two dogs and so I like to keep things reasonably clutter free.

There is something nice about holding a paperback in your hand, however, and I don’t foresee e-books taking over completely but they are an amazing solution for holidays too and one that I am happy to have access to.  Since the completion of writing my novel I have had the pleasure of reading books by authors I may otherwise not have heard of.  Something I am very  thankful for.  Don’t get me wrong, I would certainly love to see my book on a shelf in a bookstore someday but there is no reason why I can’t publish to e-book too right?  Who knows the two may come hand in hand if someone decides to take me and my work on!

I have managed to come into contact with many writers in the same position as me, too recently.  Twitter has been fantastic for this and so has WordPress.  It’s so good to share your frustrations with others in the same position; people who understand and can share your anxieties.  I would like to think that some of these people will celebrate with me when my book gets published and I will certainly do the same when theirs is.  I am very grateful to them all for their support and advice.  I am sure they know who they are 🙂


7 responses to “The joys of paper and plastic

  1. A favoutite of ours , Wuthering Heights

  2. I’ve only ever read three books more than once-those two and to kill a mocking bird-amazing

  3. Love my Kindle, read a lot more since I got it. It might be an idea to hold on to the ebook rights and self publish that aspect. That way you get all the money 😉 My mate Jon blogs about that quite often and has a tips book on the subject (he’s a pro author)

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