Mr Blue Sky

It’s been a week since I made my first submission to a literary agent with a sample of my novel.  This week I have had to try to keep myself busy and so I set myself two main tasks.  1) Setting up Facebook page for me as an author (not that great really, only got 43 ‘likes’ so far) and 2) writing up a timeline for my next novel.

In reality, this timeline, has resulted in me starting to write another TWO books!  The problem was, I had two ideas; one was my own and one was Hubby’s.  I liked the sound of both of them and so couldn’t decide which one to go with.  In the end I wrote a first chapter of each.  My own idea went a little stale but the one of Hubby’s just took off!  So, there you have it.  Books two and three on their way already! (With a possible fourth if I can run with another idea that is very much in its infancy at the moment.)

This week has also seen the preparation of my blog ready to be published in an online Homes magazine!  How exciting is that?!  I am putting together a series of articles based around my blog for the magazine and have already been given the submission dates of copy for article 2.  Timing would suggest that the mag containing article 1 will be out w/c 22nd October.  I am thrilled at the prospect of becoming a ‘published writer’ after merely starting the blog for personal reasons.  Once again Scotland has given me amazing opportunities and I am feeling calm and anxiety free.  (Well that is of course with the exception of the excitement-induced anxiety I am feeling surrounding the submission of my novel!)

I have been toying, this week, with the idea of using a ‘pen name’ for my novel writing.  I was given a few suggestions.  Some made me giggle. Like the one where I should take the name of my first pet followed by the first street I lived in.  This would have resulted in me being known as Honey King!  Then it was suggested that I use my old stage name ‘Elise’ from my singing days.  Anyway, after asking friends for their opinion on the matter I have come to the decision that if the book gets published (I should say when, think positive LTSD, think positive!!) I will use my own name, or a version of it, i.e., my initials and surname.

I have been speaking to other authors via Social Media (I have to say after being reluctant to use such accounts they have been a veritable font of information and of fantastic connections) and have been getting mixed reactions and opinions to the ‘pen name versus real name’ issue.  I suppose I am being a little too eager considering I still have another 6 or 8 weeks to wait before I even get feedback and then it may not be what I want to hear!  Oh well.  Good to be prepared I guess and there’s nothing wrong with a little optimism?!

My draft novel has gone to another friend for her to proof read it.  So far I am getting very positive feedback which is incredibly encouraging.  I am pestering her with regular texts to find out which point she is at!  I can be a right pain in the a**!!

So it has been a week of decisions, waiting, writing, more waiting and more writing!  It has been rainy and cold too and so it has been the perfect weather for sitting at the laptop, looking out over the village green and being thankful for the cosy wood burner in my lounge!  It’s amazing how welcoming a wood burner is when it’s cold!

Toasty 🙂

Today, the sky is cloudy but blue (photgraphic evidence included up top!) and my family have gone on an adventure to Go Ape and so I am left home alone.  Obviously I have lots of things to do!  Writing….painting signs in my workshop….reading…..yet more decisions!  Speaking of decisions…did I mention that moving here was the best one I ever made?


6 responses to “Decisions….decisions….

  1. I often wondered where you get the energy from or find the time to do all the things you do..While looking at your posts,reading and rereading them I,ve found the answer to it I think…You,ve only mentioned the answer once or twice yourself I think…;-)

  2. Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. We’ll get there 😉

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