Driven to distraction…..

Just a short one today…honest!  I am now doing my best to forget about my completed and submitted book one and will concentrate on preparing for the craft fair I am doing in a couple of weeks with my ‘Le Petit Cadeau’ signs.  I also have book two (not a sequel but another stand-alone novel) to keep me going.

If what the literary agents/publishers websites tell me is correct then I have (at least) a lengthy six week wait until I get any kind of feedback, be it positive or negative.  So I am going to do my best to wait patiently.  I just hope that my waiting isn’t in vain and that someone feels about my book the way I do.  I can only hope.  And it is, for now anyway, out of my hands.  Time for distraction tactics!

Les Mutts!

This morning I had to take my huge dog, Marls, (Lab-satian) to the vet for his boosters.  We had to take Rubes along too as she began howling the moment I closed the front door.  Rubes loves to be in the car.  She stands on her hind legs just watching out of the window.  I could swear she actually smiles!  It’s not a terribly long journey (20 mins-ish) and we were slightly early so I took advantage of the fact and took a little detour.

The colours around here at the moment are amazing.  Autumn is a stunning time of

Low Sun

year anyway but living here makes it all the more special.  The sun is low in the sky.  There are the determined green leaves still clinging on for dear life but mostly there are myriad shades of orange, russet, red and golden brown whether it be the turning leaves or the recently harvested fields.  The colours were incredibly vibrant this morning simply because the sky was a bright, cornflower blue.  The contrast of the orange against the blue is breath-taking.  I was annoyed that my phone was almost out of charge and I was being followed by a large tractor and so stopping for long wasn’t really an option.  I managed a couple of shots which I am including.

I slid my Esperi cd into the player and just drove.  Esperi is great music to relax to.  The lilting sounds of Chris’s soft, Scottish accent and his soothing melodies and beautiful lyrics just have this calming effect on me.  Marls hates being in the car but even he seemed to chill out.  I drove with a wide cheesy grin on my face.

I get quite emotional on days like this.  Not because I am miserable but because I feel I have come such a long way.  This time last year I was suffering from severe anxiety; hoping and praying I would be here, in this place and now I am; I‘m a different person; the changes?  For the better, without doubt.

Whilst we drove Rubes and I admired the scenery.  If I’d had a tail mine would have been wagging along with hers.  I love the roads around here.  There’s hardly ever another soul out there apart from maybe the odd tractor or horse.  I love the twists and turns in the road.  They kind of remind me of life.  No matter how familiar I become with them, there’s usually a surprise around each corner.

At the moment with the colour transitions of the leaves, the almost tangible, low-placed, billowy clouds and the nip in the air, I feel invigorated.  I breathe a sigh and all the stress just leaves my body when I drive here.  I used to hate driving.  But now, give me Esperi, and Rosie (my Freelander) and I am good to go.

I wonder what delights to behold winter will bring……

One of my driftwood creations


2 responses to “Driven to distraction…..

  1. Sounds wonderful, glad you are so settled and happy in ypur new home. xxx

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