Scotland….The Obsession Continues…and this time it’s about the music!

Gig-tasticMusic has always been very important to Hubby and I.  We used to go to gigs quite regularly when we first met over 20 years ago.  The montage to the left gives a tiny insight into who we saw!

I was brought up on the eclectic tastes of my parents; from Motown to Led Zep; from The Mamas and The Papa’s to Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.  Whenever I hear anything by these bands I am transported back in time to when cd players were not yet available and when you were delighted by the gritty scratch of needle on vinyl; so special.  Did I mention I am only 40 😉

Unlike Hubby, I did the whole ‘80’s thing; it was my era.  As a kid, I adored Wham! Duran Duran and Nik Kershaw (cringe) and knew way back then that I, too, wanted to perform.

I fell in love with the gravel of Jon Bon Jovi’s American drawl and was totally submerged in the whole ‘long hair and lip-gloss’ thing (and that was, of course, the men!)  David Coverdale, Paul Stanley and Joey Tempest probably all wore their make-up and lycra better than most women at the time!  But I have to admit, I had a major thing for men with long hair (I say did…..).  I discovered Kiss in my mid-teens and I am so glad I did!  ‘Dynasty’ is still at the top of my all-time favourite albums list!

I am a lover of meaningful lyrics and like to apply the poetry in songs to my own life (sadly, there are those that are distinctly lacking the ‘poetry factor’).  I love that certain songs can bring emotions and memories (whether painful or pleasurable) bubbling to the surface simply through their opening lines (Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Iris by Goo Goo Dolls, Rearview Mirror by Pearl Jam, Hand In My Pocket by Alanis Morissette, to name but a personal few).

These days, we are infinitesimally obsessed with Scottish music…..ok…maybe the obsession is rather a lot bigger than I am letting on.   Ok….we are totally, utterly and irrevocably obsessed with Scottish music.  There I said it!  We can’t get enough!  Our eyes have been opened, very recently to some amazing bands.  There are some wonderfully talented people up here.  (As there are everywhere else, we are aware!) I have been offered the opportunity to possibly return to my singing roots by some very talented local musicians for a Christmas gig too!  Yay!

ArisaigFor me, this obsession with Scottish music/Scottish themed music started years ago when I first watched the film ‘Local Hero’ (set in The Highlands and filmed partly in one of my favourite places, Arisaig – pictured left) and heard the soundtrack composed by none other than Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits!  The theme tune immediately brought tears to my eyes.  We watched the film just after we had returned from a holiday in the Highlands.  We had visited some of the places where filming for ‘Local Hero had taken place and watching it made me feel ‘homesick’.  It was such an intense feeling and even now the tears brim in my eyes whenever I hear it, now for different reasons; it’s a very uplifting piece of music.

When we moved up to Scotland, Hubby and I vowed to start going to see live Esperimusic again.  You may know, if you have been following my blogs, our first taste of live Scottish music was during our trip to Jocktoberfest on 8th September.  There we were introduced to the amazing talents of Esperi (where we sat in awe along with fellow blogger and music journalist ‘A Slice Of Fried Gold’) and the fantastically fun Toby Michaels Rolling Damned (Loved them both so much we bought the tee shirts!); Easy Tigers & Hoodja; along with others.  I think one of the best things we heard, as well as the afore mentioned, was the wonderful sound of Scottish rapping.  The wonderfully talented Kerr Okan of The Lafontaine’s and his beautifully accented, rhythmical poetry, opened our ears to something we have never before experienced but fell in love with immediately!

Easy TigersWe have really got the taste for the Scottish music festival scene now and can’t wait until ‘Brew at the Bog’ and ‘Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival’ next year and it goes without saying that we’ll be back to ‘Jocktoberfest’ again!

We were already fans of The Peatbog Faeries after hearing the cd in the background at Glen Coe Visitors Centre.  We immediately bought it and have jigged along in the car to it on many a journey!  We seem to entertain other drivers as we do so.  As an aside, Glen Coe is absolutely stunning and anyone able to do so should…no…MUST visit!

On a trip to Ballaschullish, we discovered “Here’s Tae Us – A Celebration of Scottish Music”.  It was a charity cd put together to raise funds for Lochaber Hydrotherapy.  Music from wonderful performers such as Eddie Reader, Dougie MacLean and Capercaillie fills the air every time the disc is played.  The title track by Billy McIsaac is probably one of the most emotive songs I have ever heard.  The lyrics speak to me and make salt water well in my eyes.  You should hunt it down and have a listen.

I will be making a compilation disc of all of our favourite Scottish music for our upcoming trip to The Highlands!  The soundtrack is going to be an important part of the trip.  Can’t wait!

So from bagpipes, to Violin’s, to the modern day talents of Esperi, Toby Scotland - The BeautifulMichaels and The Lafontaines, our love of Scottish music just continues to grow and grow.  We are unabashedly in love with this place and all it’s musical talent.  We are now looking forward to our next discovery!


4 responses to “Scotland….The Obsession Continues…and this time it’s about the music!

  1. refreshing blog – I am Scottish but have lived away for 19 years south of the border long enough away to appreciate what we have up here – not to want the A9 duelled (purely selfish reasons). I love music too and was brought up in the same era by the sounds of it. I photography mainly in the North and North West – I think you would enjoy some of locations. take a scroll or have look using the tags – enjoy

  2. Loving your work!

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