HELP! It’s a creative monster!!

I have always liked to dabble in all things creative.  I have previously mentioned my attempts at water colour, song-writing and crafting.  The trouble is, now that I have moved up to Scotland, something has happened to me!  A switch has been flicked and my creative juices are flowing so much that they have become a veritable deluge!!

I’ve always been snap-happy; I am sure those of you that know me will not disagree; and living up here has done nothing to quell that affliction.  I have had several cameras over the years but started with a standard SLR camera before digitals were the in thing (I will point out that I’m only 40!).  And this was the camera I used for my Photography City & Guilds course years ago.  Now, however, I have serious camera-envy after looking around at some of the amazing photos on WordPress.  I am in the process of trying to convince Hubby that maybe a nice Nikon D3100 would be a good investment now that we live somewhere pretty!  As yet he is declining to acquiesce to my well thought through suggestion.  Humph.

I would love to be able to return properly to my obsession with photography and to capture the amazing sunsets with their pink, orange and lilac hues all melded together where the land meets the sky.  My current camera doesn’t do them justice, mind you I certainly don’t profess to be good at photography; I just like it – ALOT.

I want to be able to drink it all in; the bright, azure blue skies with their wispy tufts of brilliant white cloud set as the back drop to the lush emerald green trees and mountains; even the moody, rain covered hills with their palette of greys and muted,  khaki greens.   I have been in a little anxious bubble for so long it’s nice to stop and smell the Daisies (Mum/Dad).  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and being creative, for me, seems to control the pull chord!

Moving to such an inspirational place as Scotland has made me grow in courage and confidence and I have decided to throw caution to the wind and just try the things that I have wanted to try.  To heck with procrastination!

The little sign business I set up is improving and increasing all the time and I find myself nicely busy there.  On top of all of this I am really enjoying blogging – infact I am enjoying writing full stop.  Perhaps I will pursue this some more?  Who knows where it could take me?  (I have other things in the pipeline with writing at the moment too but more about that at a later date).   And perhaps I will save up for my dream camera too!  I feel like anything is possible!

The other creative side of me that has been bubbling to the surface is music.  I may have been given an opportunity to get back into singing by a very talented local guitarist who heard some of the songs I wrote with a friend.  So there you go.  Watch this space.

This move and this beautiful, inspirational place have done wonders for my confidence, my general well-being and especially my creative side.  Long may it continue I say!!!


5 responses to “HELP! It’s a creative monster!!

  1. Just read this blog with the biggest smile ever on my face, as I know how it feels to be in that country where everything that you look at just seems to be calling out to you , capture me!..I do hope that, till the time you get that so loved camera ,you will share all that shouted out at ye and am looking forward in seeing it all beeing posted here …Can’t wait 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your lovely reply. I am full of cold today and your message has cheered me up! I will definitely be posting it all 🙂 An I am glad you understand!

      • No thank you, seems we are cheering eachother up here.
        I only get the chance to visit Gods country a few times a year ,and so not envy you for actually living the scottish dream ;-).
        You still have to get used to the scottish weather a bit more though ;-)..Hope you’ll feel better soon!

      • Hmm, the weather has been a little wild! Woke up to a cracked windscreen on my car but no evidence as to what had hit it apart from a few tree branches 🙂

  2. That was meant to be a 😦 not a 🙂

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