‘I’ve never been!!’

Now believe it or not, until we moved to Scotland this year I had never visited Edinburgh!  I know!  It’s a shocker!  I had seen it on TV but that’s about as far as it went!  Earlier this year I celebrated my 40th birthday and Hubby was going to take me there for a romantic weekend but alas, the dates clashed with our impending move and so he couldn’t surprise me with the trip after all.

Once settled in our little cottage, however, he announced that he was going to take me to Edinburgh in August!  I was delighted and rather giddy.  I think my new friends must have heard me say ‘Can you believe I have NEVER been?!’about 100 times leading up to our trip!  It became a standing joke!

Amazingly enough we managed to find a hotel to stay in despite the fact that our chosen dates fell when the Fringe Festival was on!  We hadn’t realised this when Hubby had booked his time off so I consider us incredibly fortunate!

To make things even more relaxed and special a wonderful friend, who I will simply call LB, drove us to the station so we could go by train, taking away all the stresses and strains of parking and driving in such a big city.  Bliss!  We love LB!

So, we arrived and hit the town.  I have a bit of a thing for architecture and so I was in awe of the striking Scott Monument rising sharply out of the gardens at Prince’s Street; the gardens themselves are so well kept and a lovely place to simply sit and watch the world go by.  The variety of architecture from many different periods is certainly a feast for the eyes.

We laughed ourselves silly at The Edinburgh Dungeon with its talented actors and we were made to feel a part of some fabulous film set.  The Real Mary Kings Close was eerie yet intriguing.

So many people and so much going on!  It was amazing.  The Royal Mile was alive with vibrant colours and even more vibrant characters.  We had flyer after flyer thrust upon us for this show and that show!  But the Piece-de-resistance was discovering that one of our favourite upcoming comedians, Iain Stirling, was playing at the Fringe!  Well this ramped up the excitement to beyond number 11!  We set out to purchase our tickets only to find that there was only one left!  After a little encouragement (begging) and telling the nice man behind the counter how much his wife wanted to see Iain Stirling (me = eyelash batting), Hubby managed to secure tickets.  Phew!

On the night before IS’s gig we were invited to see comedy show ‘James and Amy’s Dysfunctional Legends’ in the basement of the Jekyll and Hyde bar, by Mr James Loveridge himself as we walked by him handing out flyers.  The show was great fun and we had face ache through laughing.  I think we increased the general age of the audience quite considerably!  We even got a round of applause when they asked how long we’d been married and we informed them it was almost 20 years!  Hubby was somehow roped into being a part of their show and acquired the nickname “Sexy Dad”.  He now loves to brag about making his “Fringe Debut”.  (Don’t tell him but he actually he did me proud!)

The night of IS came around and we trudged all the way up to the Underbelly.  We expected a huge auditorium……Nope!  We were in a room about 3 times larger than our lounge!  This made the experience all the more special, however.  Iain Stirling was HILARIOUS!!  The main part of the show revolved around his bizarre experience in a pound shop where the only thing you could actually buy for £1 was a Cliff Richard calendar!  The size of the room featured a little too!  We loved the show and were so glad we managed to secure tickets.

The walk back to the hotel wasn’t so much of a walk…the reason?  Ladies NEVER buy new boots and then wear them without socks on their first outing!  Not bright!  To say my heels were blistered is an understatement!  It called for a taxi ride or a piggy back…..the taxi ride won out!

All in all what a spectacular romantic weekend in our new home’s capital city and what a splendid city it is.


11 responses to “‘I’ve never been!!’

  1. Don’t you just hate that about new boots, and blisters!

  2. That was a great read ,pictures brought me back to my own “go and see Edinburgh in 4 hours trip ” . 🙂

  3. i feel i was there with you : – )

  4. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Edinburgh. We moved up to Scotland 3 years ago, and we’re enjoying getting to know the city, too. Thanks for following my blog, by the way!

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