Little Acorns…..and all that jazz.


To say I have had a varied ‘career’ would possibly be an overstatement!  Ok, yes, I have had some unusual jobs, e.g. a Slimming Consultant, a Learning Mentor and a Professional Singer; but the majority of my jobs have been in Admin related roles and I have never been 100% happy in my work.  I have always had this underlying creative streak, just waiting to be set free.  Those who really know me will have heard my attempts at song-writing, seen my hand made cards and viewed my poor attempts at watercolour!  My latest venture does, however, seem to fit me.

Today is an important day.  I have to see the Bank Manager about an account for my little business!  This makes it all official.  I have planted my little acorn.  This has also meant that I have had to collate all my records and make them look more professional.  Yikes.  Finally, a use for my Admin skills!  And so another piece of the Scotland-move jigsaw puzzle, hopefully, fits into place!

Since setting my business up I have had the most wonderful support from friends new and old and of course, family.  Hubby will be set on again this week cutting out the next batch of interesting shapes in readiness for the Christmas orders that are beginning to trickle in.  It’s very exciting.

Once I have the arduous task of visiting the bank out of the way, I think I will take a brief break and hunt for some nice places to stay for our next trip to the Highlands, which I am hoping will be in the not too distant future.  I am looking forward to standing on the Atlantic Bridge once again and watching the sun dance on the water.  And if it rains, so be it.  It simply adds to the drama; the moody mist hanging on the mountain tops giving an appearance of spectral beings at play; just wonderful.

This morning in my little area of Scotland, however, the sky is a bright cornflower blue with a smattering of cotton candy clouds; truly the stuff of picture postcards.  It is days like today when I really do wish I wasn’t totally inept on the watercolour painting front.  Perhaps I will take my camera with me on my travels today instead…..


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