Family and Friends (The comings and goings of)

The coming weekend sees another round of visitors to our lovely new home.  The friends who are visiting live in the village we left back in Yorkshire and we don’t get to see them that often so this weekend will be great.  We have known them for years and they were some of the first friends to know of our move.  At the time we had fallen for another property but the female half of the couple quite simply told me that it wasn’t the house for us.  Having shown her the details for the house we are now living in, she was determined that we should buy it.  Apparently it was more us.  Wise words they were too!

I think that, personally, one of the hardest things about this move has been leaving my folks behind.  I am very close to my parents and over the last couple of years they have helped me to overcome severe anxiety which came out of nowhere.  They were so very instrumental in my recovery, helping me to come out the other side of what felt like a very long tunnel.  Making the decision to move without them was probably the most heart wrenching decision I have thus far had to make.  They were so very supportive.  And still are.  And somehow, making the move has enabled me to stand on my own two feet again but I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful relationship with them that simply transcends any amount of distance put between us.

Families are a strange entity.  Some are fraught with tension and stress.  Some are so close they don’t function adequately without each other.   I suppose when you put any amount of distance in any type of relationship there has to be an immense amount of work on either side.  I have to, regretfully, admit that since we moved away the effort has, up to now, been mostly on their part.  We have been getting settled in to our beautiful new area and I have been a little remiss when it comes to ‘phone calls; although text messages have been sent in abundance, it’s not quite the same as hearing a voice.   It will improve.  I am determined of that.

My folks have visited us on several occasions and each time my Mum is in awe at the scenery that surrounds us and my Dad could simply stare upwards for hours, into the clear star filled night skies that seem to appear just for him whenever they are here.  Secretly they love it here.

In fact, I am clinging onto the hope that one day they too will take the plunge and move north of the border to join us.  Never say never, eh?

Today the sun is shining and my drive to Tesco this morning was a quiet and picturesque one.  It’s days like today when I can take a deep breath and absorb my new surroundings with a smile on my face and truly appreciate the reasons why we did this.  Scotland, to us, is home.  It has felt that way since we first came all those years ago and I think we have simply been in a virtual waiting room of some kind ready to embark upon the next part of our journey as a family.  I am now hoping that we continue to enjoy the ride!


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