Where it all began….

One of the questions I am asked mostly frequently when people find that we are living in Scotland is ‘What made you move there?’  The answer to this question is a long one.  I tend to give the abridged version!

Our love affair with Bonny Scotland began way back when Puddleduck was a baby.  Our first visit was in October 2003 with Hubby’s folks.  To say we fell head over heels in love with the rugged rocks and boggy marshland of Rannoch moor and the sheer breath-taking beauty of Glen Finnan is quite the understatement.  I could wax lyrical about the vistas, the colours and the dramatic scenery all day.  But it was more a feeling of belonging; we were meant to be here.

Back then, we decided that we would retire up here to a little Bothy out in the middle of nowhere or maybe a pretty cottage in a village with a wonderful community spirit.  It was the stuff of dreams that, to be truthful, we never imagined would become a reality so early.

Many years later the dream became much more palpable.  We visited as often as we could possibly manage, time and finances allowing.  Hubby began the arduous task of looking on ‘Rightmove’.  Fatal for those with the proverbial itchy feet!

Sadly, we had lost Hubby’s wonderful Mum and although we had moved into a beautiful house in a pretty Yorkshire village, we just didn’t settle.  Scotland was calling us home.

Two years ago, we finished all the jobs on our old house.  New kitchens and bathrooms had been installed and it had been decorated to within an inch of its life!  It was then, after all the hard work that we put in that we put it on the market.  The following year after lots of interest but a very slow market we had almost given up hope.  Then out of the blue a buyer came along!

The road to moving house is never easy and it’s even harder when you are moving lock, stock and mutts to a whole other country; even if that country is attached to the one you currently live in!; different systems to negotiate, removals firms to hire, etc, etc.  The list goes on (and on).  But move we did and we are so glad we took the plunge.

So there you have it.  The abridged version!  Four months on and we have the latter of our two retirement scenarios along with a small business, a veggie plot and whole bunch of fabulous new friends.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our old friends dearly and they remain a big part of our life.  Gradually they are making their way up to visit – which we are thrilled about.  The guest room is getting plenty of use!

My advice to anyone considering doing the same?  Go for it!!  And to coin a Land Rover nut (Hubby being one) phrase ‘One Life.  Live it’.


2 responses to “Where it all began….

  1. Lovely story. So pleased you’re all settled and that it feels like home, just like you thought it would x

  2. I moved from Dublin to the Highlands, but in different circumstances. I, like you fell in love with Scotland. Particularly the west coast. My boyfriend is an architect in a small company based in Inverness that build eco homes using natural construction. We are building ours next year! If you know anyone looking to build sustainablly, get in touch! https://www.facebook.com/MAKARNaturalConstruction or http://makarconstruction.com/ love your blog, Denise

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